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"Keith Donohue exemplified a true professional with his passion for the game and ability to inspire. On the field his high energy, 'whatever it takes' attitude, and team first mentality was contagious amongst the group and was an unquantifiable but real variable in the team's competitive success. Off the field was no different; he was always willing to represent the organization in the community, and his positive energy inspired everyone he came across." —Former Vice President/GM Richmond Kickers, Paul Sterbenz
"I worked with Keith Donohue for 3 years in youth soccer in Richmond, VA. Keith's training sessions were dynamic, challenging, creative, and fun. The players and parents always spoke highly about Keith as their coach and trainer." —Jim Wright – Director of Coaching, OCSA Coastal Crew, Jacksonville, NC
"As Director of Training of Virginia CASL, Keith was able to manage an entire youth developmental league, which funneled quality players into our Travel program. He focused on producing very skilled players by emphasizing dynamic juggling and one v. one tactics. Keith understands not to typecast young players and that a defender could be a forward and vice versa. Most importantly, he instilled confidence for players to believe in their ability and to always to push for excellence." —Former Virginia CASL CEO, Monica Hall
"Keith Donohue was instrumental in getting my son ready for Montgomery County High School play. Keith was able to push my son during their training sessions and was key in taking my son's foot skills to the next level. Both my son and I give Keith high marks in soccer training." —David D., Parent
"As a player both in college and professionally, Keith displayed fabulous instincts and creativity when he was on the ball. He could really cover ground, was a great reader of the game, and strong in the tackle. A coach/leader on the field as a player, he has become a very innovative coach and clinician with outstanding communication skills and positive motivational techniques." —Former University of Richmond Men’s Coach, Jeff Gettler